Friday, 15 May 2009

Just a Taste....

Well, after a somewhat frantic early week and a (very) full day on Thursday travelling, we arrived mid-evening in Wicklow, our base for two nights and also the source of Wifi access yaay!!

As it's been so long since I last posted plus there's no guarantee I'll get coverage at the next venue in our little itinerary, I'm giving you a wee taster just for starters.

To begin with, a smorgasbord of our packed schedule today...

One of the no-doubt over photographed monuments at Glendalough (thanks Nadine!). It's actually at the site of a monastic settlement back in the 1200's but all it reminds me of is Rapunzel's Tower! Being disorganised, we bypassed the tour/information/leaflets but managed to pick up the essential bits as we went around.

This was one of the essentials ;-)

Hastily snapped as we waited for a group of Danish tourists to move on, they actually did the tour! I'm gambling on a Dale of Norway pattern but I have no easy way of knowing...something to aim for though!

We trekked uphill some to snap some waterfall shots...

(and boy, do my legs feel everry step right now)...On the way back, we discovered St Kevin?'s bed though it doesn't look too comfortable ;-)

Then it was onwards to Rathdrum via Laraigh? where we had tea (him) and scones (fruitless, yaay!) at a homely tea shop (for that read house....). Didn't stop though, we missed the parking and the main drag was very tricky to negotiate.
We did stop at a wool mill along the way too, following signs, I found some yarn to buy as well. Proves the internal yarn radar's still working!
Then it was on to Avoca, home of the fictional Ballykissangel...

And a rather famous pub as well as the Avoca handweavers studio.
We still managed to squeak in a visit to Wicklow Gaol on our return then later on walked out to find both the beach and the black castle but more about them later...sometime..........!


Anonymous said...

looks like you had great fun x

Ronni said...

Wow, what a wonderful set of images. I love Rapunzel's tower (and that is the first thing I thought of when I saw it too - it's perfect) and the village streets. The sweater frightens me though. It's beautiful and I have no doubt you could conquer it easily. But me. I'm skeert.

I hope you're having a lovely time!