Sunday, 6 April 2008

Finding the Perfect Project for in between the Madness

It's been a busy weekend checking in at regular intervals to see how many more of the competitors have got through to the next round and as I type, 2 of the divisions have met their target of 20 and there is around 5 spaces (sorry, four!) left between the other 2 teams. This means that the next pattern is imminent within a week or so and I needed a new project to fit in between times when I don't have access to the computer or inclination to lace knit.

And yes, I know I said I wanted to trim my UFO's but there's a reason why most of them are UFO's! Either they're too difficult; I've altered the original pattern and not made notes so I have to guess what my original plan was; it was meant to be a simple project that backfired; it was one of the two eyelash projects that seemed like a good idea at the time but now...

So I'm left mulling over casting on something new BUT with the weight of reasons WHY the UFO's became UFO's I sure as heck don't want to add to the pile! On Friday, I bit the bullet, transported half a hundred weight of books in my backpack to my friend's house (even that has a tale attached!) and spent a couple of hours mulling through everything and narrowing down the choices.

This was one of the shortlist, I love the 2-colour approach and the loose kimono-like elements of it BUT I need to buy more of the red to complete it AND I'd be eating into a full pack of the blue when it could otherwise make a whole sweater. As the idea this time was to eat into existing stash, this one had to be put on the later pile.

I could use the pack of blue to knit one of these BUT I've just finished knitting with this stuff, I need a break!

This design is stunning, I picked up the book on holiday after seeing a knitted version in the window in a glorious red. Unfortunately, I began knitting it in Jaeger Matchmaker which was obvoiusly thicker and after around half a back, doomed it to be frogged. I have since bought the proper yarn for this project in a darker red so it's all ready to go...but it's not, not yet. The thing is, that fab cable is a 37 row pattern and whilst it's not complicated, it is very difficult to see what row you're on if you finish mid-way through. Plus, it's another longer term project and I don't need that right now.

Then there's this, prefect for the Noro Cash Iroha I picked up recently. The hank needs balling but aside from that it's all ready to go AND thicker than a DK. Still, I had to think of my hands and the intensive cabling might put me at a disadvantage for the next, if I hit a problem, would it be harder to pick up at a later point?

Well, I finalised on this pattern, possibly a wee bit wide but it's a rib so it'll pull in and I LOVE the colour blocks of Noro Silk Garden. Simple enough pattern but with plenty of entertainment to keep me knitting in between rounds...Perfect!...Apart from one thing...

You see, whan I pulled out my stash, I found a beautiful but muted shade of Silk garden and some truly vivid Kureyon. I wasn't happy that the colour definition would be good enough AND found another perfect pattern to highlight the subtlety...just not right now (it's the dreaded chevrons again and I need a break or I'll be seeing chevrons in my sleep!).

So, what DID I end up casting on? Something I'd already discounted as too much work BUT the green yarn just kept screaming at me to be knitted and when I found it was 9 and 10mm needles, things changed a bit. I casted on for the back on Friday evening and by lunchtime today I'm here...

...The back is complete, the front is not far off being completed and it has metamprphosised into the perfect project. I've knitted it smaller than my size hoping for a little negative ease and slightly shorter for a) my frame and b) I have one less ball than required for the whole project. It may end in an online purchase to complete the voluminous collar but so far so good. By the way, in the flesh, it's a beautiful olive green, quite vibrant, not the pale imitation you see.

This is the best pic I could get on the 'net, it appears rather difficult to photograph! At the speed it is knitting up, I shall probably have a new FO bevfore round 3 starts, yaay! But then I'll need to choose something else to knit, booo!

Anyway, I promised you an update on Secret of the Stole ii....

It's now mid-way through clue 6 (of 9) and the decreases have made rows a bit shorter but I need to work out exactly what row I finished on ('cos it's a bit obscure) before I continue. Still, slow and steady wins the race too! So far I've not yet used half of the existing ball of cobweb lace though I can see myself joining on the other half by the next clue.

Oh well, off to sort lunch. I've been so inspired by all the recipe ideas from the Sock Madness group that I'm going to be a little more adventurous once I've got to the supermarket. And I need to get the chocolate fudge pudding recipe from my mum, bad for the waistline but oh, so divine!


donnac1968 said...

Definitely a difficult choice, I love the cabled jacket with the toggles. The one you picked is great though and what a quick knit. Can't wait to see it finished.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, a difficult choice, but the one you've settled on is looking great, I love that green.
The secret stole is looking good too.

Quiltersal said...

Chris - I love reading your blog. It's one of my favorites! I foud you thru SockMadness 2- I'm out this round :(. I've listed you on my own blog this week;

Thanks for posting.